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Tutor Who Listens

Josephine Bridges understands that speaking, reading and writing all have their roots in listening. Her students, no matter what their level of English, will always have a firm foundation in listening, the first and most basic language skill, whether this takes the form of listening to the tutor, to other students, or to the vast resources available online.

Speaking is the next language skill we commonly acquire, and this is how students show that they understand what they hear. Good tutors know that the bulk of their time, especially with beginners, should be spent listening to their students, and giving them feedback on both their speech and their listening comprehension.

When most of us learn our first language, we are already skilled at both listening and speaking before we begin to read. Josephine Bridges believes that second-language learning should more closely approximate this sequence. The most effective way to incorporate reading into language learning is to read aloud, which gives students practice in listening and speaking as well as reading. (Josephine Bridges was introduced to this idea by one of her students, from whom she is constantly learning.)

Writing is the last language skill we commonly acquire, and the skill with which most learners of both first and second languages are least comfortable, probably because it is far and away the least-practiced of the language skills. By beginning with the alphabet if necessary, moving on to words and their vexing spellings, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and finally complete compositions, Josephine Bridges, a published journalist and poet as well as a tutor, will build her students’ confidence while improving their writing skill.

What People have said about Josephine Bridges:

“a highly-efficient specialist…a responsible, well-mannered, competent and punctual teacher…good at both pair and group work and actively employs student-centered approach…Both children and adults visited her lessons with pleasure and worked with a great desire….a very cheerful, active, honest, kind and warm-hearted person, very concerned and always ready to help.”
Director of a private language school in Russia

“has demonstrated a high degree of expertise and enthusiasm and is very much respected by her students and co-workers…brings original and innovative skills and techniques to her classes and curriculum planning.”
Co-founder of a school for teenaged girls in Cambodia

“fun, energetic, friendly, and an effective teacher. Her students thought that she was a good teacher…always punctual, and helpful”
Director of a school for Tibetan refugees in India

“an enthusiastic teacher who takes interest in her students' progress and the content of her lessons…has a substantial EFL experience, is inquisitive, focused and a creative teacher…keen to share her ideas and to take on board others' suggestions and materials…lessons were of a consistently good standard involving student interaction…injects pase and energy into her class, shows a keen interest in the language and has strong language awareness.”
Director of a private language school in Poland

Josephine Bridges is available for local (metro Portland, Oregon), national and international assignments. Email her for schedules and other details.