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Writer Who Listens

Josephine Bridges has been writing more or less daily since she learned how. Whether in poetry, journalism or all the forms of writing in between, her passion is to find words that are clear and beautiful, and on the best of days, surprising. Listening is commonly the first language skill we learn, and writing is the last. Josephine Bridges understands that writing has its roots in listening.

Josephine Bridges understands that journalism has its roots in listening. Her use of extensive quotations is the hallmark of her journalistic work, and this reflects her dedication to listening. Including as many voices as possible, speaking in their own words, not only brings liveliness and variety to her articles, but also insures their accuracy. Click on the aqua square for links to published stories.

Spiral of Days
The name "Spiral of Days" refers both to a strategy for organizing enormous quantities of written material and to the spiral notebooks in which much of this written material first made its appearance. When Josephine Bridges began to organize her work by the date it was written - April 6 or August 27 or January 10 - she also began to notice patterns that emerged year after year, and then to write about the patterns. Click on the aqua square to see the journal entries.

English tutor
Josephine Bridges understands that speaking, reading and writing all have their roots in listening. Her students, no matter what their level of English, will always have a firm foundation in listening, the first and most basic language skill, whether this takes the form of listening to the tutor, to other students, or to the vast resources available online. As a teacher of English as a Second Language and a Foreign Language for more than a decade - and a lifetime language learner - Josephine Bridges knows how languages are learned. Click on the aqua square to see more about Josephine Bridges as a tutor.